Antiradar HUD Speed v59.0 [Pro]

Antiradar HUD Speed v59.0 [Pro] Requirements: 5.0+ | RU Overview: The camera base covers the regions of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan


The camera base covers the regions of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan

The HUD Speed application is a digital speedometer with a built-in radar detector function.

HeadUp Display (HUD) is the ability to use your phone or tablet as a projection display. Just place the device under the windshield and you will see a projection of speed and camera warnings directly on the glass. No need to be distracted from the road – everything is right in front of your eyes!

Map with cameras in our database:
Detailed information on camera types:

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In sunny weather, the brightness of your device may not be enough to display a projection on the glass. In this case, use normal display mode and place the device in the holder. At night, in the evening and cloudy weather the projection will always be clearly visible!

Key features:
– Digital speedometer. The speed determined by GPS is more accurate than the speedometer in the car shows.
– HUD Speed works as a radar detector and warns you about stationary cameras and traffic police radars on your way.
– Display data in projection on the windshield.
– Weekly free camera database updates!
– Convenient, simple and fully Russified interface.

If your speed exceeds the allowed speed by more than 19 km / h when approaching the camera, the application will sound warning sounds. And this is important, because now the fine for exceeding> 20 km / h already starts with 500 rubles.

The application works with the help of known data on the location of stationary cameras and traffic police radars (such as Arrow or Start ST) and other objects. The base of cameras is used from our well-known GPS AntiRadar application.

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1. HUD Speed is your assistant, but not a guarantee of no fines, because new cameras may not immediately enter the database. Please follow the traffic rules. A real radar detector, of course, works more reliably, but this application is free!

2. To run the background application on Xiaomi and Meizu devices, you need to configure the devices. See our instructions:

– Xiaomi:
– Meizu:

What’s New:
Friends, thanks for the feedback. We are working on the project, making improvements. For any questions write to us: [email protected]

• Added section System Permissions, which lists the necessary permissions for the correct operation of the application;
• Updated various libraries under the hood of the application.

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