Bass Editor: Boost Bass and Save Music v3.4.0 (VIP)

Bass Editor: Boost Bass and Save Music v3.4.0 (VIP) Requirements: 4.4 and up Overview: Bass Editor: Boost Bass and Save Music is a modern tool for music lovers

In this app you will find a lot of different effects for music editing. Upload music from your device to the app edit add effects and save the audio.

Settings for music editing in the Bass Editor: Boost Bass and Save Music app:

— Quality: the app supports many audio bitrates: 32 kb/s 48 kb/s 64 kb/s 96 kb/s 128 kb/s 192 kb/s 256 kb/s 320 kb/s.
You can either edit audio bitrate or not change the original quality of a song or reduce bitrate that will lead to the compression of audio file.

— Bass Strength: you can boost bass or reduce bass intensity.

— Subwoofer Bass: this audio effect makes the music sound like it comes from an acoustic system and increases volume of low frequencies.
This effect consists of 2 audio effects: original subwoofer bass and overlaid subwoofer bass.
With the original subwoofer bass effect you can hear the more surround sound low frequencies become deeper.
The overlaid subwoofer bass effect gives acoustic sound to the entire song. The sound becomes surround and it feels like music sounds from a distance.
After applying these effects play music in your speakers in a car or in an acoustic system with subwoofers to enjoy the sound!

— Volume Boost: if your music is not loud enough or very quiet you can increase volume of audio file in this app.
If the music is too loud you can decrease volume of song. Be careful when amplifying sound. Do not play music at maximum volume in headphones.

— Tempo: change speed of audio files. Speed up the music or slow down the audio file.

The Bass Editor: Boost Bass and Save Music app has additional music settings for users with VIP subscription:

— Equalizer: you can boost bass boost middle frequencies and boost treble.

— 8D Effect: create 8D music from your song.
8D effect creates feeling that you are in a center of an acoustic sphere and the sound comes from 8 sound sources situated around the edges.
Use headphones or earphones for listening to 8D music.
8D effect consists of 2 audio effects: echo and moving sound.

— Echo: adjust echo delay (how many seconds the echo is delayed compared to the original sound) and the echo volume.

— Move sound: adjust the period (number of seconds) for which the sound goes from the right earphone to the left one and back.
This audio effect distributes sound to create special effect.

— Contrast: this audio effect adds music contrast.

So in this app you will be able to:

— change music bitrate change quality of mp3 WMA OGG M4A WAV FLAC AAC;

— compress MP3 WMA OGG M4A WAV FLAC AAC;

— boost bass;

— add subwooofer bass effect: original subwoofer bass and overlaid subwoofer bass;

— boost volume of music boost MP3 WMA OGG M4A WAV FLAC AAC;

— decrease volume of audio;

— change music speed: speed up music or slow down audio;

— adjust equalizer;

— adjust volume of low frequencies intensity of middle frequencies and sounding of treble;

— create 8D music from your song;

— add echo effect to audio;

— adjust echo intensity and echo delay;

— move sound from one earphone to another.

After you apply audio effects to your song save it to your device.
You can listen to edited music any time in your audio player.

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