Battle Cats Mod APK v11.9.0 (A lot of cat food)

Battle Cats Mod APK v11.9.0 (A lot of cat food)


The Battle Cats APK Review

The Battle Cats Mod APK Game [3 Mods + Mod Menu] is a real-time strategy game where you have to protect your base from the attacks of invading troops – and use your cat army to do it. You can choose from mermaid cats, strong cats, fat cats, carnival cats … any type of cat you can imagine!

The game mechanics in The Battle Cats are pretty simple. Your base is located to the right of a small 2D setting, while your enemy is to the left. Every second, both sides will receive the money they can use for two things: to improve the base or to buy troops. You aim to try to destroy the enemy base with the army you create (out of cats of all sorts).

Between levels, you can unlock many new cats thanks to the experience you’ve gained. New cats are necessary since the first cats only have basic skills. Some special cats, though, can do devastating attacks on your enemies.

The Battle Cats Mod is a strategy game with elementary mechanics and simple-but-cute graphics. In addition, the game offers loads of one-player levels, scoreboards, and a handful of achievements.


Being a glorious crusade to every part of the planet with the weirdest cat army and graze everything to the ground with mighty blows.

Controls the cat army through simple systems while counting every resource or the perfect time to release the necessary cats for counter-attacks.

Research or collect new cats for the army to prepare for more biomes or themed enemies instead of following a specific army lineup.

Upgrade the cats to unlock their new abilities or evolutions to fight head-on with powerful foes or banish every other army into smithereens.

Use support skills wisely to assist the cats in dire situations or diversify the combos for more effective combat performances.

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■ Speed Boosts added to Unlimited Speed Up item
Activate Speed Up for 3x battle speed. Purchase Officer’s Club Gold Pass 2+ times to recieve Unlimited Speed Up.
■ Cat Base Development max level raised to 30
■ Cat Shrine max level raised to 60
Cat Shrine appears randomly after Future Ch. 3
■ New True Forms
3rd forms added
■ New Uncanny Legends Maps
Higher difficulties added for past maps
■ Behemoth Stages/Missions
■ New User Rank Rewards
New CatCombos
New Battle Screen Effects
■ Bug Fixes

MOD info

Mod 1 Info
A lot of cat food, XP, and props;
All cats are upgraded; most of them are Tier 3
NOTE: When you enter the game, you need to download the data, open the network to download, cut off the network immediately after you select your age, exit the game, enter the application management of mobile phone settings, find the game, and close all the online permissions of the game to run the game normally.
Mod 2 Info
Mod Menu
Unlimited Cat Spam
Mod 3 Info

Download The Battle Cats Mod APK

The_Battle_Cats_v11.8.0_Mod-1.apk – 107.1 MB

The_Battle_Cats_v11.8.0_Mod-3.apk – 102.3 MB

The_Battle_Cats_v11.9.0_Mod-2.apk – 136.8 MB