BMI Calculator – Check BMI (Body Mass Index) v4.1 [PRO]

BMI Calculator – Check BMI (Body Mass Index) v4.1 [PRO] Requirements: 4.4 and up Overview: BMI calculator app to find BMI and keep its track. This BMI calculator is the ideal app for you if you want to stay motivated by keeping track of your height and weight and analyze your progress.


Is your weight as per your height? How do you know if you are underweight or overweight? BMI Calculator – Find BMI by Best BMI Checker App. It will calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) for you and give you the results, indicating if you are underweight, overweight, or optimal weight?
This is a simple and clean BMI checker app that let you find BMI in just one tap, sorts it under the standard health ranges, and tells you if it falls under optimal range or not. It considers your age and height to give you more accurate information on your weight and health.
If you are wondering how to calculate BMI, then you must not worry. On the basis of your weight and height ratio, Body Mass Index (BMI) is an easy to calculate measure of underweight or obesity. To calculate BMI formula and algorithm is used by the app. The resultant number of the calculate BMI formula will inform you if you are underweight, Optimal, Overweight or Obese.
Are you struggling to lose weight effectively and want to evaluate the success of your workout and diet? What can you do? How to calculate BMI? BMI Calculator – Find BMI by Best BMI Checker App is the right choice for you to evaluate your progress. You can observe daily or weekly whether you are going on the right track to achieve an ideal weight. In addition to finding your BMI, the app also encourages you to stay motivated and keep improving.
This free BMI calculator is an efficient app to calculate and monitor BMI based on the height and weight value given by you. The results of this app are based on the standards of World Health Organization. This app can be used a screening tool but not as a diagnostic aid of the health or obesity. BMI is same for men and women; however, it might not be accurate for people below 5 ft, people having muscular build or pregnant women.
This BMI checker supports both metric and imperial units, with just one click you can alternate between feet/inches or meters and kg or lbs. It is the most efficient BMI calculator out there, which doesn’t require you to keep pressing buttons every time you want to find BMI.

Key features of BMI Calculator – Find BMI by Best BMI Checker App:
Simple and user-friendly UI
Both imperial and metric units supported
Easy to enter weight and height values
Real time BMI value is generated
Graphics and colourful results
Offline and uninterrupted experience

With this amazing BMI calculator, you can easily calculate and analyze your BMI on the basis of the relevant age, weight, and height.
You just have to enter the height and weight simply, the calculator will do the rest for you, and give you the results in a matter of seconds.

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