Homesteads Mod v20000182 (Free Skips give cash)

Homesteads Mod v20000182 (Free Skips give cash)

Build the most beautiful city in the dream country area of Wild West.

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Feel the freedom and become the owner of the homestead in the Wild West. Build houses, factories and city buildings, grow crops, and decorate village! Help residents to improve town, grow animals, produce goods for trade in the market and deliver unique materials that will help in the development of the town.

In the Homesteads game you can:

— MASTER wild green expanses, help the wanderers who meet you on free way of West.
— ENJOY wild farm life! Grow home animals, graze cattle, harvest crops, produce goods, sell on the market and exchange for missing materials. They will help to joy the city that quick in development.
— MAKE friends with Indians, establish an exchange of goods with them, send stagecoaches and steamboats for missing materials to improve homestead.
— DREAM of gold in west town. This area is like a klondike of minerals so feel free to mine gold and ore in mines and quarries. Johnny be good cowboy – bring new shovel here.
— EXTRA new markets. Ship can be used free of charge to trade with continents farms. Use the train to buy the missing goods for your farm at a cool price. Have joy in trading!
— TAKE risk for your home to free it from a bad cowboy aggression. Help the sheriff and marshal to keep order in your town. Take adventure and catch especially dangerous criminals to get rewards.
Choose from many city decorations, turn the township into a dream home in the Wild West!
Play Homesteads – live the adventure!


The new update is here!
In this update:
– Added competition “Production rush”, produce goods, get points, valuable prizes await you!
– You can now use a coupon from level 8
– Plants Tomato, Carrot and Apple are now displayed on the tab with plants in the Barn
– Work has been done to optimize and fix bugs.
Play game and have fun!

Homesteads MOD APK Info:

1. Free Skips give cash
2. Market refreshcost give Cash


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