Kwit – Quit Smoking for good! v4.18.601 [Premium]

Kwit – Quit Smoking for good! v4.18.601 [Premium] Requirements: Android 6.0 and up Overview: You just stopped smoking or you are about to say goodbye to cigarettes … but you sometimes lack motivation? Kwit is the application you need to quit smoking and vaping!


You just stopped smoking or you are about to say goodbye to cigarettes … but you sometimes lack motivation? Kwit is the application you need to quit smoking and vaping !

A scientific method to support you in your smoking and vaping cessation

Inspired by Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (or CBT), Kwit helps you fight the side effects of the smoking cessation through different strategies to confront the craving. You can finally say goodbye to cigarette and ecigarette!

A personalized dashboard to quit smoking and vaping

Follow your progress on a daily basis and keep track of the evolution in your smoking cessation. The application will count the number of days without cigarettes, the number of cigarettes you didn’t smoke during that period or the money you saved. With Kwit, you will no longer be alone in your smoking and vaping cessation!

A diary to keep tracks of your journey after stopping smoking and vaping

A craving? A relapse? Don’t worry, this is not the end of the world! Record the cigarettes you smoked to get a better understanding of your addiction and learn to overcome it. With Kwit, find the way to quit smoking and vaping that fits you best by following your daily cravings for cigarettes.

An application designed to control your consumption of nicotine substitutes and ecigarette

You would like to stop vaping? Thanks to Kwit, understand your use of nicotine substitutes (gums, patches, vape or e-cigarettes) to lower your consumption little by little. Rediscover a cigarette-free and nicotine-free life!

Victories and achievements to keep you motivated

Observe day by day the advantages your smoking cessation has on your health. Start at level 1 and unlock new stages to gradually become the Ultimate Kwitter : tobacco-free, happier and healthier.

Precise tools to track your vaping habits

Your vape/ecigarette habits will no longer hold any secrets for you. You will have a precise view on the follow-up of your liquid or pod dosage.

Relevant goals to motivate you

Look at the health benefits of quitting smoking over time. Start from level 1 and gradually work your way up to become the next Ultimate Kwitter: smoke-free, happier and healthier.

Inspirational motivation cards

The craving is too strong? Shake your phone! Kwit is here to improve your motivation thanks to exclusive pieces of advice and messages of encouragement. An invaluable support in your smoking and vaping cessation!

With Kwit, you are 5 times more likely to successfully quit smoking, so don’t wait any longer and download the application right now!

Free to download and without ads, Kwit will support you regardless of your goals:
Quitting smoking
Reducing your consumption of nicotine substitutes
Stopping vaping
Monitoring your consumption of gums and/or patches
Understanding your cravings…

The free version gives you access to all the necessary features to quit smoking and leave cigarettes (and e-cigarettes) behind you for good. Yet, you can increase your chances to be successful in your smoking cessation by subscribing to Kwit Premium.

We always work to improve our application so that it meets the expectations of the Kwitters. You have a question or a suggestion to help make the smoking cessation process even more effective and adapted to your needs? Please contact us at : [email protected].

Say STOP to cigarettes and ecigarettes !

Quitting smoking is the best decision you can make in your life and for your health. Don’t forget: by saying goodbye to cigarettes, you increase your life expectancy and improve your health as well as the health of the people around you. It is never too late to stop smoking and vaping!

The smoking cessation is a challenge everybody can take up, and you can too! Now is the moment, so download Kwit (it’s free!) and start your tobacco-free life to be happier and healthier!

What’s New:
Bugfix release:
– fixed craving input during cessation preparation (date input)
– fixed stats during cessation preparation
– make period selection (day/week/…) easier to select in stats

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