Left to Survive Mod APK v4.13.1 (Unlimited Ammo)

Left to Survive Mod APK v4.13.1 (Unlimited Ammo)


Shelter & last state of zombies: survival on earth is a duty. Call of the dead

Left to Survive: survival game Apk info

Left to Survive Mod APK Game is a third person shooter that challenges you to control one of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Your main mission is to grab your weapons and go out on the streets to face a direct combat with the un-dead.

The controls in Left to Survive are simple. Your character will automatically move through the setting looking for shelter whenever necessary. You just have to worry about aiming (sliding your finger on the left side of the screen) and shooting. You can also throw grenades or use a machete, depending on the circumstances.

One of the key aspects of Left to Survive is that you will spend the majority of the time fighting zombies with a third person perspective, but, you can also manage your camp. You can build new buildings, improve already existing buildings and manage your resources overall just as if you were playing a strategy-based game.

Left to Survive Mod APK is an excellent third person shooter that introduces strategy elements in order to add more variety. The game also includes outstanding visuals and a PVP game mode when you’ve advanced a couple of levels

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UPDATE 4.13.0
What could be worse than zombies?
Aliens who have decided that the apocalypse on Earth is the perfect time to enslave it.
But this time, along with a new threat came a new hope.
Meet a new LEGENDARY HERO—the alien warrior Syn’axar Tanaach, who has an amazing history and incredible abilities.
Good luck with the event!
New season, new base levels and weapons!

MOD Info

menu mod
one hit
god mode
no reload
NOTE: Turn on mod before battle.

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