Monster Legends v12.6 (Mod – always win with 3 stars)

Monster Legends v12.6 (Mod – always win with 3 stars)


Breed, collect and feed monsters… Then fight in PvP battles! All in one game

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Monster Legends Mod APK is a simple game where your aim is to collect and domesticate fantastic creatures of all kinds, which you can also evolve: red fire dragons, giant apes, enormous sea serpents, and much more.

In Monster Legends, players must create the ideal habitat so that their monsters can live and develop naturally. This means you not only need to create spaces for the monsters to live in, but also construct buildings that will supply resources and food (both of which are necessary for your monsters to evolve).

There are over 50 unique monsters in total in Monster Legends, including both basic creatures and their more evolved counterparts. The system of evolution, of course, is very similar to that of the Pokemon saga; that is, as they move up the levels, your monsters can change their appearance and get new abilities.

As is standard with games of this sort, you can pit your monsters against the those of players from all over the world online. In these battles, you can try to climb up in the international leaderboards.

Monster Legends Mod APK is a social game with a fun aesthetic and premise reminiscent of Pokemon. It is sure to be found in the pockets of many young gamers everywhere.


Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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always win with 3 stars

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