Net Pro – A handy financial calculator v1.0.0.4 [Paid]

Net Pro – A handy financial calculator v1.0.0.4 [Paid] Requirements: 6.0+ Overview: Net Pro is a financial calculator app for Android phones & tablets. A very stylish & intuitive app, It is unlike other calculator apps available in the market.

Net Pro is a financial calculator app for Android phones & tablets. A very stylish & intuitive app, It is unlike other calculator apps available in the market. With a large display and a comfortably operable button-pad, it facilitates easy-viewing of calculations, expressions & worksheets. And the button-pad provides all the major functions for financial, numeric and arithmetic calculations.

Net Pro offers a scrollable button-pad that makes a wide variety of functions available & easily accessible. These functions allow users the ability to perform a wide variety of calculations. This includes, performing everyday calculations, building complex arithmetic expressions, creating financial calculations & working with helpful worksheets.

Following is a list of available functions (Ad Free):
• Arithmetic functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
• Root & Power functions
• Percent and Reciprocal functions
• Bracketed expressions
• Logarithmic and Anti-Logarithmic functions
• Exponential functions
• Trigonometric functions
• Factorial functions
• Time Value of Money functions
i. n – Number Of Periods
ii. i/yr – Annual Interest Rate
iii. p/yr – Payments per year
iv. c/yr – Compounding per year
v. pmt – Annuity Payments
vi. pv – Present Value
vii. fv – Future Value

• Even & Uneven cash flow functions
i. npv – Net Present Value
ii. irr – Internal Rate of Return
iii. mirr – Modified Internal Rate of Return
iv. eff – Effective Interest Rate
v. nom – Nominal interest Rate

• Amortization worksheet
i. Period
ii. Payment
iii. Interest
iv. Principal repaid
v. Balance

• Depreciation worksheet with methods & conventions
i. SL – Straight Line Method
ii. DD – Double Declining Method
iii. SYD – Sum of Year Digit Method
iv. NoPartial convention
v. HalfMonth convention
vi. FullMonth convention
vii. Quarter convention
viii. HalfYear convention
ix. EveryDay convention

• Breakeven analysis worksheet
i. Price
ii. Variable Cost
iii. Quantity
iv. Fixed cost
v. Profit/Loss

• Data & Statistics worksheet
i. Expected Value (Mean)
ii. Standard Deviation
iii. Variance
iv. Co-variance

• Bond worksheet
i. Accrued Interest
ii. Modified Duration

Net Pro offers a large three-panel display. This large display provides user an extensive workspace, for viewing lengthy & complex calculations, with ease. The top panel is intended for pretty printing of arithmetic expressions and numbers arrays. The middle panel reflects the user inputs & results. And the bottom panel allows the user to navigate through worksheets and specify financial variable.

Net Pro is an easily customizable app that allows users to personalize the app to individual preferences. It also allows user to customize financial calculations.
Following is a list of available settings:
• Themes
• Font size
• Payments per year
• Compounding per year
• Thousand Separator
• Accounting Year definition
• Ordinary Annuity & Annuity Due modes
• Degree and Radian modes
• Precision to decimal points
• Scrollbar location
• Sound
• Vibration

Net Pro also offers a verbose calculation history. The calculations performed, expressions created and worksheet utilized are all stored, in the app history. The history items can easily be copied and shared with others. The history provides all particulars such as variables, parameters and mode of calculation etc.

Net Pro is a well designed app that allows user to perform basic to advanced level calculations, with ease and comfort of use. It also allows user to personalize the app and customize calculations to individual needs. And thus, with the capability to perform simple to difficult level calculation Net Pro is ideal for students, teachers, professional and financial investors.

Supported Android OS: Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0 – 7.1, Oreo 8.0 – 8.1, Pie 9.0, Q 10
Email Account: Must have Google Account on Android phone
Permissions: Contacts
Minimum Resolution: 480×800

What’s New:
Improved cashflow and data worksheet
Fixed accounting year page as not visible on Android 9.0+
Fixed history page as functions not visible on Android 9.0+
Added progress bar for time consuming calculation.
Fixed tooltip text and typography

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