Noa: HBR, FT, NYTimes v5.0.5 [Subscribed]

Noa: HBR, FT, NYTimes v5.0.5 [Subscribed] Requirements: 4.4+ Overview: Discover audio journalism. It integrates into your busy routine and is the easiest way to understand and know more about the topics that matters most.


You can listen to Noa for free (with access to most publishers and occasional audio ads) or go Premium for unlimited, ad-free listening.

If you’re sick of filter bubbles and biased information then Noa is for you. Our editorial team hand-pick the very best articles from the world’s best publishers in order to provide you with multiple perspectives on the topics shaping the world.

Our partnering publishers include The New York Times, Financial Times, The Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, The Telegraph, The Economist, Bloomberg, Insider, Fast Company, MIT Technology Review, Foreign Affairs, The Independent, TLS, The Irish Times, and more. Plus, we add new publishers all the time.

1. Multiple Perspectives: Offer multiple perspectives from trusted sources and empower listeners to make up their own minds on where they stand on a topic.
2. Thought-provoking: Present audio articles that inform, inspire, and offer fresh insights, through both a global and a national lens. Focus on opinion, feature, and analysis articles.
3. Storytellers: Be storytellers and educators. Help our listeners understand global topics, and perspectives, while also telling the stories of the people behind the headlines.
4. Global Impact: Ensure coverage and raise awareness of important topics, regardless of a topics popularity or ability to drive “clicks”.
5. Fourth Estate: Uphold journalism’s values as a democratic check on power. And always celebrate great journalism.
6. Embrace Complexity: Encourage thought and avoid black and white explanations that aren’t followed with depth. The world is complicated and can seldom be explained in minutes. Our goal is to help listeners navigate it.

Listening to the best journalism is a great way to learn and grow, especially when you don’t have time to read. Audio articles are produced and recorded daily by Noa’s talented voice actors – Sam Scholl, Adrienne Walker, Peter Hanly, Martin Buchanan, Les Smith, Grainne Brookfield, Jessie McGee, Jonathan Horne, and John Ross. They’re probably in the booth recording as you read this!

Like we said above, Noa is the easiest way to know more about the news that matters. And Series are the reason why. Each day, Noa’s editor’s select the very best audio articles and add them to topic-specific playlists. Every Series begins with a short explainer – written by a Noa editor – that provides valuable context on the subject at hand before you dive in. Within 20-30 minutes, you’ll walk away fully informed.

Along with the usual audio features, you’ll find: Android Auto, Offline Mode, Sleep Timer, Playback Speed Adjustment, an editable Article Queue, and Rewind and Fast-forward 15-seconds.

We know you expect more. That’s why the Noa app also offers:
• In-app chat (we respond quickly)
• Save, Download, and Follow – all viewable in My Library
• Share – articles and Series
• Read Along (expected mid-Feb 2021)

You can listen to the free tier of Noa without any need to pay. You’ll get a weekly article allowance and access to most of our publishers.

By choosing to support Noa with a monthly or annual subscription you’ll get unlimited, ad-free access to over 18k audio articles (and counting) from the world’s best publishers, including our Premium-only publications. We would love to welcome you as a member of Noa’s growing community.

We’re real people, just like you and we take great care to protect your data. Noa does not share your data with others or allow advertisers to track you. Your data is used solely for the purpose of providing you with the best news, learning, and listening experience possible.


Mod Info:
● Standalone android package.
● Paid subscription unlocked.
● Login required.
● Languages: Multi languages.
● CPU Architecture: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64.

What’s New:
This version contains a number of updates:
– Non-Premium listeners will no longer hear an audio advert after Series introduction articles
– Non-Premium listeners will now hear less audio adverts
– Minor changes to sign up and log in

Contact us via the Chat to Us button in the app if you have any feedback for our Editors or developers!

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