SAI (Split APKs Installer) v3.10 [Untouched + Modded]

SAI (Split APKs Installer) v3.10 [Untouched + Modded] Requirements: Android 5.0 and up Overview: SAI (Split APKs Installer) is an app that lets you install multiple APKs as if it was a single package. This is useful for installing apps that are distributed as App Bundles since Android provides no built-in way to install them from sources other than Google Play.


How to use SAI?
Click “Pick APKs” button and select base APK as well as additional configuration-specific APKs then click “Select” button to start installation process.

What’s New:
SAI 3.10
• Added experimental installer Pro mode that allows you to select split APK parts to install from a .apks/.xapk/.zip file with APKs. Pro mode has to be enabled in settings
• Auto theme can now be enabled on any Android version (but not guaranteed to work)
• Partial support for XAPK (obb can’t be installed automatically)
• Installer sessions that are in progress now shimmer
• Updated translations SAI 3.9
• Added automatic dark/light theme switching based on system theme on Android Q+
• Added more detailed error descriptions in rootless mode and improved error descriptions UX for all installer modes
• Added option to use ZipFile API to read files, fixes support for some archives
• SAI now targets Android Q
• Updated translations
• Some optimizations
SAI 3.8
• Added selection on export screen (Long click an app to begin selecting)
• UI improvements
• Added Italian and Japanese translations, updated exisiting translations. Thanks to the volunteers on SAI’s Crowdin!
• Added an option to make a donation and SAI Gold theme for donors. All SAI features will always stay free, the theme is purely cosmetic and is only there to provide at least some bonus to the donors. Gold theme is free in the FLOSS (F-Droid) version.
SAI 3.7
• Fixed Android TV banner (to comply with TV apps guidelines)
SAI 3.6
• Improved Android TV support
]SAI 3.5
• Fixed filter crash on some devices
• Internal filepicker now shows file size
• Added theme selection setting in main settings
• New MIUI warning
• Added export help to overflow menu on export screen
• Added Spanish, French, Polish and Portuguese translations, updated a lot of existing translations. Huge thanks to volunteers on SAI’s Crowdin for translating SAI and to Crowdin themselves for providing their platform and support
SAI 3.4
• Fixed update date badge
• Export screen filters are now saved across app restarts
• Updated ukrainian translation (@MrIkso)
• Updated bulgarian tranlsation (@jekovcar)
SAI 3.3
• Reworked export screen
• Updated simplified chinese localization (@chr56)
• Updated german localization (@uDEV2019)
• Added bulgarian localization
SAI 3.2
• When exporting a single APK file, it won’t be packed into a .apks archive
• Fixed file names getting cut off in internal file picker
SAI 3.1
• Added export directory selection
• Updated UI
• Added Android TV support (not really usable without a joystick)
• Bug fixes
SAI 3.0
• New installer UI and implementation
• Updated UI
• Minor fixes/improvements
SAI 2.10
• Fixed crash in settings that occurred on some devices
SAI 2.9
• Added install location selection
• Reformatted settings
• Added exported app name format customization
• Added arabic localization
• Other minor improvements and optimizations
SAI 2.8
• Fixed critical Shizuku and Rooted installers vulnerability
• Updated ukrainian localization (@Displax)
SAI 2.7
• Fix problem with illegal characters in exported .apks file name
SAI 2.6
• Option to select which split APK parts to export
• Option to select files to install via system file picker (long click install button)
• Setting to select exported .apks file name format
• New dark theme
• Updated ukrainian localization (@MrIkso & @Displax)
SAI 2.5
• Added Shizuku installer (If you had rooted installer enabled, you have to enable it again in this update)
• Added apps’ icons in export fragment
• Added licenses
• Added turkish translation (@FatihFIRINCI)
• Revised exported .apks files naming again
• Updated ukrainian translation (@MrIkso)
• Updated chinese translation (@yaxisvip)
SAI 2.4
• Fixed rooted installer compatibility with some devices (again)
SAI 2.3
• Added option to export all apps that consist of split APKs
• Revised exported apps naming
• Updated chinese localization (@yaxisvip)
SAI 2.2
• Fixed rooted installer compatibility with some devices
• Updated ukrainian translation (@MrIkso)
SAI 2.1
• Fixed an issue which caused app to crash when opening .apks via SAI
SAI 2.0
• Added APK export feature (Beta)
SAI 1.28
• SAI now lets system decide install location (previously internal-only)
SAI 1.27
• Improved stability
• Updated file picker design
• Support for up to five dots in .apks file name
• Added F-Droid theme
• There’s now a F-Droid app version
SAI 1.26
• Stability improvements
• Updated chinese translation and added traditional chinese translation (@yaxisvip)
• Updated ukrainian translation
SAI 1.25
• MIUI crash fix
• Navbar coloring on 8.1+
• Improved signing (Now implements zipalign and native libs page-align, file entries in a signed APK inherit compression method from the original APK)
• Updated ukrainian translation
• Added option to extract APKs from archives (.zip/.apks) before installing them. This is a workaround for some users who are having problems with rooted installation from archives. Don’t use it if rooted-installer works fine for you, it will only slow down installation. Rootless installer isn’t affected by that problem, so using this feature with it is super not recommended, since it will only slow down installation as well. Basically just don’t use it if installation works fine for you
• .zip/.apks archives are now allowed to contain non-apk files, SAI will just ignore them
• Added copy option to error log dialog
• Added one-time warning when using SAI on MIUI
• Partial chinese translation by @yaxisvip
• Updated file picker design
• Added device info to rooted installer failure log
• Some other minor fixes
• Improved buttons on the installation screen
• Added some new themes
• Proper “Open app” dialog after installing an app with rooted installer is back
• Minor fixes
• SAI can now open .apks files (renamed ZIPs that contain .apk files). Useful for sharing split APKs.
• Optimized installation from zip archives. SAI no longer creates temp copies of all of the files in the archive, but reads them directly instead.
• There is no longer a proper “Open app” prompt after installing an app with rooted installer due to internal architecture changes.
– Translation into Ukrainian
Updated UI design
There is now a proper “Open app” prompt after installing an app with rooted installer
APK signing optimization
– Added option to sign APKs before installing
– Possible corrected crash on root rights request.
– Ability to select zip archive with APK
– Support root install on Android 9
– Ability to sort files.
Possible fix on Android 6.
Other fixes.
– Installation using root.
(only for those who have problems with a normal installation)
Description of some errors.
Correction of some errors.
Crashlytics to collect errors.

● Mod:
• Analytics Removed
• Donate Features Unlocked
• Works Off Line

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