Super Fowlst 2 v1.17.0 (Mod – Lots of currency)

Super Fowlst 2 v1.17.0 (Mod – Lots of currency)

The demons are meaner, the bosses are bigger, & only one chicken can stop them!

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The demons are meaner, the bosses are bigger and there’s still only one chicken that can stop them!

Fowlst returns in a new adventure that’s all about squashing bad guys, dodging danger and striking it rich. There’s a ton of new power ups, cool new abilities, and an army of new enemies to unleash them on!

– The sequel to Super Fowlst (2018) and also Fowlst (2017)
– Bigger, more interesting levels.
– Unlimited stages that are different every time you play.
– Simple controls: touch the left side of the screen to hop left, right side to hop right, swipe up to use the item you are holding.
– Controller support
– Spiky demons, spinning demons, flatulent demons, big ol’ snakes and a whole lot more.
– There are mechs! You can pilot giant robots!
– Powerful new body slam ability lets you wreak havoc on anything underneath you!
– Upgrade your inventory to carry more power ups!
– Portals! Cannons! Buzz saws! Spiky things! Fire!
– Five new bosses, with more to come!
– A different bonus treasure to hunt down every day for a ton of extra coins.
– A crazy cast of unlockable characters.
– Bigger explosions!
– It’s pretty good, I like it


Fixed a bug where the game would not respond to touch on some on devices running Android 11

Super Fowlst 2 MOD APK Info:

Lots of currency


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