The Killbox: Aries v2.30 (Latest Update)

The Killbox: Aries v2.30 (Latest Update)


The Killbox: Aries Apk info

The Killbox: Aries is an FPS that’ll take you back to the days when you played Counter Strike and CrossFire. Here, you’ll be immersed in a world plagued with war where you must do your best to make your team rise up triumphant. With highly refined visuals and spectacular scenery, this game offers players hours and hours of pure fun.

Taking place in real time you’ll have to be particularly careful to dodge enemy traps and make every effort not to succumb to their swift marksmanship. In order to become a legendary shooter and stand as a rebellion, improving your weaponry and armoury are essential, but this key element will only occur if you play each level just right.

When it comes to each match, you’ll see your teammates health levels on-screen. Anytime they need your help, you should be there to come to their aid. Every level involves six players on each side, that way the winner is decided based on who earns more points during each match. The Killbox: Arena Combat also includes another excellent option where your teammates become part of the undead whenever they fall during combat. Meaning you’ll also have to defend yourself from the zombie versions of your once companions. Enjoy this multiplayer game where you face off against all kinds of rivals and the undead.

Game Features:

Intense, immersive real-time FPS action

Experience incredible 360 arena combat with our fully optimized VR component

Hectic 6 VS 6 real-time battles

Awesome tactical movement system with console-like shooting experience

Different real-world guns to choose from

Addictive multiplayer gameplay

Work together with friends to annihilate your enemies in Team Mode

Experience the terror of fighting off teammates once they’ve become the living dead

Leap over the heads of your adversaries in space mode.

Varied and realistic scenarios

Experience the intensity of the killbox through a series of immersive detailed maps.

Feel the chaos of war on the battlefield with intense, lifelike animation.

eSports for EVERYONE

Fair matches with no upgrading systems available for guns

Open matches for everyone, and every day!

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New Features:
1. PVE Mode: Challenge the BOSS in the dungeons
2. Drone Warfare: Choose from different awesome drones to help you win the fight!
3. Capsule: Collect Capsules that are full of rare items and awesome weapons!
4. VIP System: Consume the DIAMOND, become the honored TKB VIP members and obtain exclusive rewards and bonus.
1. Game interface optimized. Game quality improved.
2. BUG fixed.

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