The Simpsons Mod APK: Tapped Out v4.57.5 (Free purchase)

The Simpsons Mod APK: Tapped Out v4.57.5 (Free purchase)


The Simpsons™: Tapped Out APK Review

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Mod APK Game is a strategy management game where the player is tasked with constructing the Springfield of their dreams. The game´s storyline is very simple, Homer causes a nuclear disaster that destroys the whole city and, with your help, must now rebuild it.

The reconstruction process is also very simple. Here you just have to complete various missions in which you take control of different characters to earn money, experience and donuts. With this money you can buy houses, offices and traditional Springfield shops that in turn open up new possibilities. The experience that you gain allows you to unblock new opportunities and gain rewards. Finally, the donuts help to speed up the construction process and other jobs.

Another way to earn money and experience, in addition to performing all the tasks with Homer, Lisa, Ned Flanders, Moe or Apu, is to visit friend’s cities. And that is what The Simpsons: Springfield is after all – a social game – so if you begin to go and see how your friends are doing, you will also receive rewards.

It works, therefore, in quite similar way to other social titles like Farmville or Cityville, with the added treat of having all the characters of The Simpsons, together with their original voices, playing on your Android.

The game’s graphics are one of the main strengths of the game, and you will think that you are watching an episode of the series thanks to the great care with which they are all represented.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Mod APK is a true workhorse of a social game. It’s fun, addictive and visually pleasing. In addition, because it uses Origin to connect, it will be it very easy to find lots of friends who are also playing.

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Springfield is certainly NOT ready for its close-up but it’s happening anyway! Polystar Pictures has returned to film their next new original idea – a reboot of the reboot of ‘The Sands of Space.’ Just one problem – Krusty is signed on to direct. Little does he know (since he hasn’t read the script) that Polystar plans to retcon Marble Universe characters into the film. Can Krusty deliver a hit or will it be egomaniac vs egomaniac until the studio calls cut on the entire production?

MOD info

Free purchase of donuts (open the store and in the Currency section buy a Dozen donuts for 1 token);
You can buy some things even if you don’t have enough donuts.

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The_Simpsons_v4.57.5_Row_Mod.apk – 48.4 MB

The_Simpsons_v4.57.5_Mod_NA.apk – 48.4 MB