To Do list. Goal planner. Purchases list. Notes v1.7.1.2164 [Premium]

To Do list. Goal planner. Purchases list. Notes v1.7.1.2164 [Premium] Requirements: 5.0+ Overview: – Task Manager
– Goal Planner
– Task list



– Task Manager
– Goal Planner
– Task list
– Notepad for notes
– Schedule Constructor
– Reminders
– The calendar
– Organizer
– Calculator


– creating goals
– create a task list
– add notes
– creation of schedules (repetitive tasks)
– create shopping list
– built-in calculator for making expenses
– fine tuning of the date and time for tasks
– quick transfer of tasks and notes to another list or goal
– fast movement of tasks to another day
– done/delete multiple tasks with one click
– sorting lists and targets
– sorting notes and tasks
– grouping lists and goals into categories
– color settings for notes and tasks
– set reminders for notes, tasks and schedules
– own directory of reminders
– add multiple reminders
– quick add notes and tasks
– quick add lists and goals
– settings in the quick add panel
– progress towards the goal
– calculation of the amount of expenses and time of the goal
– work without internet connection
– custom task list widget
– status bar on the locked device screen
– backup to Google Drive
– backup to device


Simple entry with extended description display. Options:
– List/Goal – belonging to a specific list or goal.
– Reminders – the date and time of the set reminders.

The thing that needs to be done. Options:
– Date and time. Deadline (start and end) task. There may be various installation options. Examples: no expiration date, a specific day with no time, several days with exact start and end times, etc. etc.
– Financial expenses. The planned amount of money to solve the task.
– Planned time. The required amount of time to solve the task. For example, 30 minutes.
– If the term has expired? Automatic action that will be performed if the task expires. For example, postpone the next day.
– Mark on the implementation. Button to done/cancel the completion of the task.

The task that will be repeated according to the conditions defined in it. Options:
– Schedule replays. Date of start and end of the repetition of the task (the period of the schedule).
– Conditions of repetition of the task. The main parameter on the basis of which this task will be repeated. You can set several different conditions. For example: repeat on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 to 10:30 and on Saturdays from 11:00 to 12:45.
– Reminders. You can set several reminders. If several conditions for repeating a task are specified, then reminders will be set for each condition separately.

A simple container (group, section) for notes, tasks and schedules. Options:
– Category. The possibility of grouping lists into categories. For example, family, sport, business.
– Colour. Set the color for all items in this list (notes, tasks, schedules).
– Default list. Each new item (note, task, schedule) will be added to this list by default.

Same as the List, but with the progress of completed tasks and the calculation of financial and time costs. Options:
– Deadline. Date the start and end of the goal. Influences the period of work schedules.


This permission is required to back up / restore data to Google Drive.
This permission is required to back up data to your device.
This permission is required to restore saved data from your device.

What’s New:
In this version we have implemented the long-awaited tags:
– tasks can be marked with colored tags;
– you can view lists of tasks by each tag;
– tags can be tabbed on the home screen;
– the tag can be quickly filled with tasks and notes.
Other improvements:
– Optimized the app for speed with large amounts of data
– Widget “crash” bugs fixed on some smartphone models
– Other bug fixes

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